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Addressing Common Ductless Air Conditioning Challenges

ductless AC

Ductless AC Units Instead vs. Traditional Central HVAC Systems

A lot of homeowners who live in warmer climates including anyone that has built-in air ducts are finding out that ductless AC units are the single best ways to cool individual rooms. People are now using these ductless AC units instead of the traditional central HVAC systems. You will want to consider the potential problems you might be faced with if you are evaluating both types of systems. The information you will find below will give details on when you should look to call a professional technician who is capable of AC repair in and around the Kingston area.

ductless ac unit

Improper Operation

This is one of the more prominent issues that homeowners are faced with. In particular, those that use smaller AC systems including ductless units. For example, if you leave anything open including a door or window, you will likely minimize the effectiveness of the unit. Because an open window or door can cause warm air to enter the room, it can make it much more difficult for a smaller unit to achieve the same cooling efficiency. The end result of this causes the unit to have to work harder than it should have to which can reduce the unit’s lifespan and cause reduced cooling efficiency along with it.

Improper Refrigerant Charging

In order to ensure optimal function, a refrigerant charge in an AC unit should meet the required specifications as dictated by the manufacturer. If those that are installing your system do not adhere to these designations, you will likely end up with a system that isn’t capable of cooling as efficiently or effectively. Therefore, it is essential that you seek a skilled, experienced, and qualified technician for installation to avoid any chances of complications caused by undercharging and/or overfilling that could result in issues with your unit.

If your unit’s refrigerant is deemed too low, it can be a direct result of having an improper amount added during the initial install or it could be a direct result of a leak in the system. If you are dealing with a leak, it won’t be resolved by simply placing more refrigerant in the unit. Instead, you will need to hire a professional technician who is capable of repairing ductless air conditioners to fix the leak.

ductless ac unit

Lack of Maintenance

One of the things that could lead to improper functioning units and issues with the fans or compressors is a lack of maintenance. Failure to clean out the filters or coils in the unit can lead to many issues. If these components are vital to the functioning of the system fail, the entire system is going to malfunction. You should always look to have your system looked after and maintained by a professional technician for terminal and/or wire corrosion to avoid major system failure.

Improper Drainage

If you find drainage issues with your AC system, you will likely experience even greater problems down the road. These drainage problems can be especially troublesome in instances where the unit isn’t installed on a surface that is level. Therefore, you want to get installation from a professional who is qualified to install AC units.

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