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The Basics of Furnace Filter Replacement

furnace reminder note

Check the Furnace Filter!

Do you have “check the furnace filter” on your list of home chores you must do, or better yet, check it off the to-do-list? It may seem like a nagging task, but it is one that you should do and will be worth the time and effort.

Why Check?

Changing the furnace filter should, for the most part, be an inexpensive and straightforward task. It plays an essential role in maintaining the optimal performance of your HVAC system. The significance of changing the air filter cannot be overstated more especially when the HVAC is a vital component in the overall quality of air in your home.

As such, a dirty and clogged furnace filter leads to restricted airflow that causes the HVAC to go on overdrive translating into more energy consumption. It also causes insufficient heating and unhealthy air quality. If the filter is not changed, then it eventually leads to the failure of the heating system. A clean filter will ensure the air in your home is free from dirt and dust while also preventing premature HVAC system failure.

clean furnace filter

When to Check …

Since changing the air filter is inevitable, the question that then comes to mind is when should the replacement take place. Switching the filter will depend on various factors that include the type of HVAC system installed, the number of people in the house, presence of any pets, and the conditions of the surrounding outdoor environment.

We at Furlong HVAC suggest that you check your furnace filter every month. Examine the filter to see how dirty it is. If you have a furry pet, then you should consider replacing the filter to avoid the pet dander from affecting the air quality in your home, more so if there is someone that suffers from asthma or allergies. Overall, you need to change the air filters at least every three months.

How to Check and/or Replace …

Replacing the air filter should be a straightforward job if you opt to do it yourself. The only possible challenge would be remembering to do it and making it one of the top priorities in your monthly household chores.

Below is what you need to do when you find that your furnace air filter is dirty and should be replaced.  If you are using one of our Allergy 2000 filters that we carry, simply back-washing it monthly in the tub or laundry sink to clean it is all it takes to keep it performing well.

  • You should know the size of the air filter to that you buy the one that will be a perfect fit. You can get the replacement at the hardware store, home stores, or your local HVAC contractor.
  • Make sure the HVAC is off before turning off the power supply.
  • Open the panel protecting the air filter so that you access and remove the filter that will be resting between two metal supports.
  • You may find that there is limited room for rocking the filter back and forth, but there will still be enough space for you to reach the air filter and take it out.
  • When installing the new filter, check for an arrow indicating the direction of the airflow so that you install the filter in the correcting direction. The arrow, in most cases, will point to the top of the furnace.
  • Ensure that you place the panel for the filter compartment, and it is secure before you restore the power supply and switch on the HVAC system.

pleated furnace filter

For any inquiries you may have or advice you may need about your systems’ air filter, feel free to contact us today!

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