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5 Energy Saving Tips for Cutting Energy Costs Over The Holidays

cutting costs

Cutting Energy Costs

The Christmas holiday is one of those times of the year when merry-making is in high gear.

Fun and celebrations are the order of the day. But with all that entertainment comes a high bill in the first month of the new year. However, you can take measures to ensure that your power demands are under control. Below are a few energy-saving tips worth implementing this holiday season.

led lights saves energy

Install LED Lights

Lighting the indoors, banister, wreath, the Christmas tree, and the outdoor décor might be a family tradition. But you do not need to use the dated, energy-demanding, incandescent bulbs. It would help if you switched to modern lighting – the LEDs which will reduce your power consumption significantly and save money.

Time Out Your Lights

With the LEDs installed, you still are using up substantial electricity. Installing a shut off timer for the lights will help lower the energy usage. You can automate the lights to come on from dusk until late in the nights (around 10 pm). The ideal is to have the lights on when there are enough people to see and enjoy them.

Leverage People Power

Given that the weather will be chilly, the best gift you would receive from your guests during this holiday is their heat. The extra bodies in your home will help make the place feel warmer.

If you have plans to be away over the holidays, then have a Wi-Fi thermostat installed by Furlong HVAC, and it will help save energy. The thermostat will automatically manage the heating of your home, and you can control it via your laptop, phone, or tablet.

woman walking the dog

Enjoy the Outdoors

The snow can be a delightful experience if you do not allow yourself to get bogged down by the cold temperatures. You can enjoy the outdoors by going ice skating, skiing, sledding, build a snowman, and tobogganing. But remember to pack something hot to drink.

Electronic Hibernation

Lastly, if you are travelling for the winter holidays, do not leave your appliances and electronic equipment connected to the electricity. Unplug the TV, video games, microwave, and other non-essential electrical, and you effectively will sidestep phantom energy waste.

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