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Home Humidifier Systems Bring Benefits with Them

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Are humidity levels in your home too low?

Do you deal with dry skin? Are you suffering more static shocks lately? Do you battle with a stuffy nose that make it a challenge to breathe easily? These are all signs that humidity levels in your home aren’t high enough. If you want to solve this problem, then a humidifier is the way to go.

When the air in your home gets overly dry, it can start triggering allergies and other respiratory conditions. Canadian winters leave people spending a lot of their time indoors. Continual exposure to inferior indoor air quality will sooner or later impact your physical comfort and health in a negative fashion.

Given that, if the humidity levels in your home are low, then the air will naturally feel cooler than it actually is. You might even raise your thermostat higher to make your home still feel comfortable.

That’s a huge problem in itself. For starters, your utility bills will be higher than they need to be. Second, you’ll run your HVAC system more than it should, shortening its lifespan. Third, the excess heat will dry the air out even more, making the problem worse than before.

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The right humidifier can fix a lot of these problems.

These are just some of the benefits that an appliance like this can offer your family and home:

Easier Breathing

Winter illness can be anything from a basic cold to full-blown flu. Either of these can be irritating to your throat, nasal passages, and airways. Add moisture to the air of your home for soothing relief. Even when you’re already healthy, air that is properly humid makes sleeping and breathing much easier.

Soft, Healthy Skin

Winter climate is very dry, and people hate it for getting chapped lips and skin so itchy that it’s painful. Your hands don’t have the same level of oil glands the rest of your skin does, which is why they dry out faster than anything else. Constant hand-washing doesn’t help either. Use a humidifier to moisturize your wintertime skin.

Protect Your Furniture

When moisture levels go down in a room’s air, it might start drying out any wood furniture or flooring you have. Cracks and splits result, and such damage frequently turns into something permanent. Protect your wooden furniture and floors for as long by maintaining proper humidity levels in your home.

Fewer Static Shock Attacks

Dry air increases the likelihood of your suffering static electricity shocks whenever you touch anything in your home. Reduce the frequency and severity of your shocks by having a humidifier keep the moisture levels up in your home’s atmosphere.

Happy Houseplants

Many houseplants thrive better if they’re surrounded by warm, humid air. In the winter, homes get cool and dry, making life harder on plants. If you’ve being seeing wilted leaves and plants dying, then low humidity levels might just be the problem.

Contact us at Furlong HVAC Services for expertise in picking the best humidifier to serve your home. Our industry experience means we can answer all your questions.

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