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How To Choose the Best Generator For Your Home

home generator

Portable Generators vs. Whole-Home Standby Generators

Don’t get trapped in the thick of an emergency without electricity and no idea what to do! When calamity hits, it is critical to be prepared for the long haul. With a strong and dependable backup generator in place, you can stay comfortable and keep your family safe during any disaster.

But which type of generator is ideal for your house, portable or standby? In this article, we will discuss why a backup generator is necessary for your house, the many types of generators, and how our team can assist with installation. Continue reading for more information!

portable generator


A backup generator is required.

The trouble about power outages is that you never know when one will occur. That is, your house might lose electricity in an instant at some of life’s most significant or critical times, leaving you powerless, frustrated, or both. With the assistance of a backup generator, you can guarantee that your house’s most important devices continue to operate during a power loss – think WiFi systems, home heating, kitchen appliances, and more!

home generator

A backup generator is necessary, but which model is best for your home?

What Is the Difference Between a Portable and a Whole-Home System?

While both portable and whole-house backup generators offer comparable benefits, the small differences between the two might help you decide which is best for your home. Both types of generators are available to provide backup power when you need it. It depends on whether you want a low-price or a more durable solution.

Portable generators can be kept in your house (for example, in the garage) and will need to be removed from storage during an emergency. You’ll connect it to your house’s circuit breaker, turn it on, and utilize its rather restricted power source to restore electricity to certain portions of your home. These generators are less expensive than standby generators and might help you stick to a budget.

However, while they are more expensive, whole-home generators may kick on automatically when your home’s electricity goes out. They are always ready to go and can operate for extended periods of time since they can run on natural gas. Whole-home generators, with their powerful and quiet performance, are a long-term investment on which your family may rely.

If you are ready for a backup generator, now is the time to decide which one is going to be the best option for you. There are a number of options available that will ensure that you always have a power supply when the weather turns rough. Please feel free to contact us and allow us to discuss your options.

For all of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs, contact us at Furlong HVAC Services Inc. We’re happy to help!

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