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Maintenance and Inspection Package Combo Rates

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Combine multiple services into one visit and save a bundle!

The best time to take advantage of this HVAC package combo rate is during the spring / summer season.

The idea here is we can do everything in one trip and provide reduced prices for secondary services over and above the primary heating service.

  • Furnace or Boiler – service the primary heat source, have it all clean and ready for the fall. (this can be done any time of year).
  • Central Air or Heat Pump – check and tune up the central air or heat pump unit (this servicing is preferable while outdoor temperature is above +5 Celsius).
  • Gas Fireplace – clean and service the gas fireplace or fireplaces so the glass and pilot is nice and clean for the summer months and ready for winter.
  • HRV or ERV – While we’re there, we can service the HRV, which includes flushing the core, cleaning the filters and inspecting the hoods.
  • Air Quality Systems – This includes replacement of special filters such as HEPPA, charcoal, and other Media including UV systems. (advance notice required)

To find out about our special HVAC combo rates, please contact us for more information.