Annual Maintenance and Inspection Service

Annual Maintenance & Inspection

HVAC Appliances should be maintained, adjusted, and inspected regularly to ensure optimum performance, efficiency and safety. New generation models are designed for custom set up in conjunction with other equipment to work as they were intended. Fan settings must be adjusted for proper temperature rise across the furnace as per manufacturers specs and these points are often overlooked. I often find upon inspecting systems of new clients this initial set-up was never completed properly or correctly. Air Conditioning must be tuned in conjunction with the furnace fan as well to provide the airflow required for efficient cooling and De-humidification, depending on the type of refrigerant system and duct/filter restriction. If this is not properly set the unit may cool quicker than it dehumidifies leaving the home cool, but very damp. Certain tests are conducted during a maintenance service to adjust and ensure these settings are achieved and maintained regularly.

What we do on an ‘annual furnace maintenance’ service appointment

furnace annual service and furnace cleaning

  • On gas appliances, burners, sensors are checked and cleaned, if required.
  • Gas pressures are checked and adjusted if necessary.
  • Code requirements and new updates are considered.
  • Amperage draws and performance of electrical parts are tested to ensure proper performance.
  • A Combustion Efficiency test is taken and printed, indicating combustion properties important in diagnosing problems such as a cracked heat exchanger, adjustment for optimum efficiency is done, and determining if the unit is operating safely, or needs replacement.
  • A Carbon Monoxide (CO) test is also conducted to ensure the fuel is burning safely within your home.
  • The AC coil, secondary heating coil,and furnace fan is also checked for buildup of dust, and if required, pulled and washed (extra charge may apply) These should not be this dirty if proper filter maintenance is upheld. A proper filter and regular maintenance prevents build up on these areas.

When completed, we’ll give you a comprehensive written report of the details of the service. The technician will make any recommendations at this time, and answer questions about your system.

Filter Recommendation


Lack of monthly filter maintenance, or using different rated filters at different times of the year can also be an issue. Once the fan is adjusted properly for heating and cooling separately using a recommended filter for all seasons, and the filter is replaced regularly (monthly), there is no reason to use different types or ratings of filters. If you have central air, I would never recommend a fiberglass filter as it will allow dirt to pass through and accumulate on the air conditioning coil surface causing restriction issues, which may affect the cooling ability, cause water damage, or permanently damage the furnace heat exchanger or other parts during the heating season.

Annual Boiler Maintenance

Boiler 'Triangle Tube' Prestige Solo

Annual boiler Service is similar to a furnace, however there is a little more involved as we may also include:

  • PH and water hardness testing
  • Glycol concentration effectiveness analysis
  • Parameter Review and Circulator testing
  • Pressure balancing and maintenance (Expansion Tank and water feeder check)

My AC is working great, does it still need annual Servicing?

13 seer central air keeprite-Central-Air-System

OK, here’s the thing, most people think their AC is working because it’s cooling but it may not be working efficiently. By that, I mean removing all the humidity it could be from the air as the system cycles. You see, the cooling system works in two ways, removing the humidity as well as cooling the air. If the fan speed is incorrect or not properly set up then the unit may cool the home, but not remove enough humidity. If the fan is too slow, or there’s restriction or blockage in the system, you may have extended run times using unneeded electricity. A good clue to this is if you need to run a DE-humidifier in the home during the cooling season. If you cooling system is set up, balanced and properly synced to your furnace, then you really don’t need to use any other source of DE-humidification, unless you have other abnormal moisture issues present.

Periodic HRV Service

HRV’s are often overlooked and presumed operational, however I have found that most have either not been balanced at the time they were installed or the unit contains debris build up on fan blades, screens, filters, and hoods which have now restricted airflow in the system and caused a change in airflow from the point of set-up.

HRV-lifebreath-series max

The principal of an HRV system is to exchange a required amount of air into and out of the home, and this level must match.

  • Check if unit has been balanced, and balance if required.
  • Check all damper arms and actuators.
  • Check fan operation, including build up on blower wheels
  • Check intake and exhaust hoods for blockage
  • Check operation of control
  • Clean intake and exhaust filters
  • Soak HRV main core, rinse and reinsert.

Homeowners do need to clean the intake and exhaust filters at 3 month intervals outside the annual servicing. Some homeowners request the initial service and then take care of the unit themselves after that which is fine. We will need to make sure the unit is properly balanced and then can review the maintenance procedures with you

We also do Gas Fireplaces and Stoves

gas fireplace cleaning

The best time to take advantage of the combo rate package is in the spring, especially for the fireplace. We’ll clean up the burners, pilot, and logs during this service. It’s so nice to have the glass looking clean and clear for the summer and ready to go, come fall.

What are your rates?

Please call out office or visit the contact page for info on our rates and combo package specials

Pre-paid Service Plans:

First, a preliminary Maintenance & Inspection will need to be performed by us on the equipment at current pricing, and any required repairs completed prior to commencing the agreement. Service calls for non-repairs ex: plugged filter, defective batteries, power surges and failures, are billable at full rates and not covered under the service plan.

There a 3 basic residential plans:

Please call our office for current plans and pricing

Commercial Pre-paid Service Plans:

A Custom appraisal is required for Commercial Plans – Call us for a n/c assessment.

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