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Furnace Annual Maintenance and Inspection

Annual Furnace Maintenance and Inspection Service

Your gas furnace should be maintained, adjusted, and inspected regularly to ensure optimum performance, efficiency and safety. An annual inspection allows a technician to identify and address issues before they cause more damage to your system.

New generation models are designed for custom set up in conjunction with other equipment to work as they were intended. Fan settings must be adjusted for proper temperature rise across the furnace as per manufacturers specs and these points are often overlooked. We often find this initial set-up was never completed properly or correctly (unless we installed the equipment, of course).

Maintenance checklist

We offer annual maintenance service as well as annual pre-paid plans and agreements. Here we'll perform the following tasks, depending on the unit:

  • Code requirements and new updates are considered during inspection.
  • On propane and natural gas appliances, burners, sensors are checked and cleaned, if required.
  • Gas pressures are checked and adjusted if necessary.
  • Inspect AC evaporator coil, drain pan and condensate drain lines. Clean as needed
  • Inspect burner assembly clean and adjust as needed.
  • Inspect controls (thermostat), safety’s, auxiliary controls, wiring and connections.
  • Amperage draws and performance of electrical parts are tested to ensure proper performance.
  • A Combustion Efficiency test is taken and printed, indicating combustion properties important in diagnosing problems such as a cracked heat exchangers.
  • Adjustment for optimum efficiency is done, and determining if the unit is operating safely, or needs replacement.
  • A Carbon Monoxide (CO) test is also conducted to ensure the fuel is burning safely within your home.
  • The AC coil, secondary heating coil, and furnace fan is checked for buildup of dust, and if required, pulled and washed (extra charge may apply).
  • When completed, we’ll give you a comprehensive written report of the details of the service. The technician will make any recommendations at this time, and answer questions about your system.