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Why Is My Home Dusty All the Time?

dusty home

Is Your HVAC System Filtering Dust Correctly?

This piece addresses what causes your house to get so dusty and what types of filtration and preventive measures may be used to reduce the quantity of dust.

Nobody wants to live in a dusty house. If you’ve been wondering why your home is dusty or find it’s dusty regardless of how frequently you clean, it might be because your HVAC system isn’t filtering dust correctly.

Here are several frequent issues that might cause extra dust in your house and practical solutions.

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Common Causes of Dust In The House

Air Filters

If you’re having dust problems, the first place to examine is your air filters. Filters are designed to keep dust and other particles out of your house and must be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. If they become too dirty, they will lose their effectiveness and allow dust to accumulate in your house.

Air Ducts

If your air filters are clean, the source of the problem might be leaking air ducts. This is because leaking ducts not only cause your HVAC unit to overwork, but they also let dusty unfiltered air into your home, causing a spike in your utility bills and being a typical cause of why your home gets dusty so fast.

Typical signs of a leaking or faulty air duct include a sudden increase in energy bills, dust or lint buildup on vent registers, and cold or hot places in your home.

If you think that the issue is with the air ducts, you should examine the ductwork for faulty joints and seal them if there are any leaks, or contact a professional technician help you repair the ductwork.

High Humidity Levels

Dust might accumulate in the house if the humidity level is too high. Running a humidifier to alleviate dryness is a simple remedy to this problem. Humidity is a prevalent concern in Ontario homes, and because mold, fungi, and dust mites flourish in high humidity levels, this is an issue that you cannot afford to ignore. If humidity levels are the source of the problem, it may be beneficial to get a professional to install a humidifier.

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Other Solutions:

Check For Cracks Around Windows: Another entry point where dust can get into your house is through window gaps. If you suspect this is the problem, just re-caulk your windows to ensure an airtight fit.

Reduce Incoming Dirt: Dust is easily carried into the house by shoes, which is a common culprit for a dusty home. An easy solution is for everyone to avoid wearing shoes indoors.

It’s a wise choice to read over this list first to determine whether your dust problem is something you can solve yourself. However, if you’ve crossed all of the items mentioned above from your list: replaced your filters, fixed your ducts, and installed a humidifier, and still find your house to be dustier than average, it’s advisable to get your HVAC system checked thoroughly by a professional to see whether a repair or replacement is needed.

If your home has been plagued with poor indoor air quality or excessive dust and you suspect it’s due to a problem with your HVAC system, contact us today! We are ready to help.

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